Chuck Greenwood

Chuck Greenwood


His love of aviation began at 6 years old, when his father took him to the airport for the first time in his hometown of Ponca City, Oklahoma.  He worked hand in hand with his father as he was growing up, acquiring the belief there is no better education than hands-on training with a great mentor.

His entrepreneurial ways began early when he started a small aviation fueling company called Greenwood Aviation.  Growing up in the heart of America, he learned not only the values of hard work and dedication but also the ins and outs of aviation that running a Fixed Base Operation would teach.  He grew the business from fueling aircraft to working with some of the major motion picture studios, providing logistical support on set of such hits as Twister, Con Air, and Courage Under Fire. 

With aviation as his strong suit, Greenwood got his first government win in September 2000, when the Department of Energy- Battelle National Labs awarded a Data Acquisition and Services Contract.  Greenwood was quoted saying, “It almost mentally broke me.  Just the process of learning the government way of doing business… from how to bid it, to what happens if You actually win.”  Greenwood has been involved in over 2,500 atmospheric research flights to date.

In 2008, the United States Forest Service went out to find a national single source to provide 15 lead planes for its air attack mission.  Greenwood won the largest contract at that point in the company’s history in a full and open competition with a total value north of $100 million dollars. 

Today, Greenwood operates aircraft from bases located throughout the United States and Alaska. Greenwood also is a leading stocking aircraft parts supplier with more than $150 million in company-owned fixed-wing parts (both proprietary and aftermarket) on location.

Chuck has joined forces with some of the largest names in contracting including the Department of Energy, NASA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and 186th ARM Base providing aircraft and ground support for Project Liberty training in Mississippi. 

One of his proudest moments was being elected Chairman of the ConocoPhillips National Dealer Council.  He admitted, “He felt way out of his league.  Here I was sitting in a room with the nation’s largest fuel suppliers and they wanted to hear from me.  I then realized, even as a small business owner I brought something valuable to the table.

He attended Oklahoma State University and is a commercial pilot.