Aerospace Program Support

Your Trusted Partner When Compromise is Not an Option

Greenwood Aerospace Helicopter

Our Aerospace Program Support Team focuses on providing short- and long-term solutions for special mission aircraft providers and logistics support both OCONUS and CONUS.

Our solutions are based on first -hand experience operating in the most severe environments. Greenwood Aerospace’s specially modified aircraft has flown thousands of hours addressing the unique challenges in technically demanding endeavors such as low-level advanced atmospheric research, wildland firefighting,  Project Liberty pilot training just to name  some areas and on the fun side we have been involved in logistical operations at remote sites supporting major motion picture studios providing logistical support on sets of such hits as Twister, Con Air, and Courage Under Fire just to mention a few.

So, we know what it takes to support a variety of aircraft and to help our clients overcome complex challenges to realize greater opportunity.

At the core of Greenwood’s growth and success is a focus on delivering exemplary customer service and tailored aviation solutions. Greenwood will always go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

We believe in partnerships – an approach reflected in our many repeat, long-standing relationships with our clients.

Greenwood specializes in working with our customers to clearly identify and understand your unique requirements. This allows us to deliver the best solutions and advice based on our extensive experience and knowledge so that you achieve optimal outcomes within your budget.

We continually evaluate new techniques to reduce cost without sacrificing quality and safety. Every day we stave to reduced cost by being directly involved with our client and all supporting all vendors involved with each contract. By reducing our costs, we can pass the savings to our customers.