Part Procurement Services

Focus On Your Mission While We Source The Right Parts For You.

The most crucial component to any Government aviation program is access to parts when you need them.

The quick procurement of aircraft parts is the core businesses of Greenwood Aerospace. With over 100-years of experience in the procurement of parts, Greenwood’s ability to secure parts can be seen time and time again. We have the means to secure almost every part, from a MX 15 camera to Textron Aviation Defense parts, always in the shortest possible time.

If you need a single part or a long-term contract, you know how difficult it is to research, keep up with suppliers, negotiate pricing and secure delivery. Let Greenwood be an extension of your organization, as we can offer procurement services to assist you with your purchasing needs, without the hassle of calling supplier after supplier to make an economically sound and quality driven purchase.

Greenwood realizes the critical nature of getting your aircraft off the ground and back into service. Planes belong in the air, not on the ground.

Getting parts in an efficient and cost-effective manner can be critical for your program. That’s why Greenwood is a leading stocking supplier with access to more than $150 million in company-owned fixed-wing parts (both proprietary and aftermarket) on location.  If we do not have a part or line-replaceable unit, we can locate it quickly through our network of suppliers. Greenwood is also State Department ITAR registered.

We have years of experience delivering the right part, to the right place, at the right time.