Aircraft Procurement & Leasing

Who is on your side?

With roots dating back over 40 years, Greenwood Aerospace brings extensive, real-world experience in the sourcing, procurement, inspection and leasing of aircraft for government programs. 

Greenwood has become a recognized provider at aircraft procurement for government programs without using the contractors name. Most sellers think the bigger the company or contract requirement the more you need or can pay for the aircraft, that’s where we come in.

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Aircraft Procurement and Leasing Services

Remember sellers are looking out for their best interests.  That's exactly why you should have someone looking out for your interests while trying to get you the best possible airplane.  Whether you are buying your first airplane for a contract or a whole fleet, let us represent you and your interests throughout the purchase process. 

We have over 65 years of experience in aircraft acquisition, and advisory services, including the worldwide purchase, resale, and trading of special mission aircraft.  We assess each customer’s needs individually and comprehensively and then our team provides specialized solutions meeting the most demanding challenges

In addition, we are highly experienced in providing aircraft leasing arrangements. Our involvement in providing flexible and responsive aircraft leases has provided us the knowledge to ensure our customers receive the desired aircraft required to meet all mission needs, on time and within budget.

Greenwood can also provide you with quality airframe and engine parts and engine sales and leasing as well as inventory management to support your government program.

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