Program Management

Program Management

Our Team focuses on aviation programs from Cessna 172  to McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and Boeing 747 special mission platforms. If you have a need, we can provide the solution.

Greenwood Aerospace Program Management (PM) office provides a structured framework for managing complex projects in restrictive environments. Harnessing extensive experience from broad industry sectors and combining adaptive management procedures with industry best practices that form the basis of our proactive approach to operations, Greenwood’s dedicated staff effectively manage the interdependent components across multiple projects.

The PM office provides a centralized platform where collaborative project management functions and transformational activities are employed to maximum effect. This high impact department ensures each client project is effectively implemented, managed, monitored and controlled in line with compliance parameters, project scope, and strategic end goals.

Because we’re not an original equipment manufacturer, we are totally unbiased when evaluating a proposed hardware/software solution. When recommending a solution, we have one objective: to satisfy your requirements, rather than sell our proprietary system.

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